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Kell Robotics is a group of high school students that works to change the world so that we can give students everywhere the opportunity to become engaged in pursuing a STEM career. 

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Strategic Teacher Initiative

The STI or Strategic Teacher Initiative is a proposal that is designed to put a technology, engineering, and computer science teacher in every school, in Georgia, and Nationally.  These 21st Century teachers will be ready to support the 4th Industrial Revolution, helping student from K-12 become the technology and business innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

The model listed here is designed for state level implementation and it is our hope to see it replicated in every state.

FIRST Robotics Competition - Support Resources

To start a team a FIRST team in Georgia, or to access team and robot development resources, open this article to learn more.

Here you will find a concise list of resources to help you get started.

Kell Robotics FIRST LEGO League Qualifier Event @ The Computer Museum of America

Get ready.  Get set.  Roar!  Or you could bark, quack, or squeak, because the 2016 ANIMAL ALLIES season is all about our furry, feathered, and finned friends.  In the 2016 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students age 9 to 14* will look into the eyes of our ANIMAL ALLIES.  What might become possible when we learn to help each other?

21st Century Education - Publications from Kell Robotics - STEM Leadership Foundation

Access publications produced to advance public policy in education. 

These publication are published on ISSUU.COM are are available directly by clicking on the following links.

The STEM Pipeline is Broken

2016 FIRST in Georgia Factbook


Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Partnership

Kell Robotics is the FIRST partner for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta which serves approximately 42,000 girls and more than 17,000 adult members in 34 counties in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.

Jack and Jill of America

Jack and Jill of America, Inc., is a membership organization of mothers with children ages 2 – 19, dedicated to nurturing future African American leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.

Beginning in 2015, Kell Robotics has hosted annual workshops for the youth of Jack and Jill.

100 Black Men Partnerships

Since 2010 Kell Robotics has supported the 100 Scholars of Atlanta and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Starting in 2015, the team has partnered with the 100 Black Men of North Metro Atlanta. The team supports these organizations in the 100's primary core area of education and mentoring. Supporting the annual 100 Scholar's Robotics Invitational and Showcase, we engage thousands of students annually.

Booz Allen Hamilton - Data Science

San Diego-based Booz Allen Senior Consultant Laura Barker is an alumni of FIRST Robotics Team 1311, Kell Robotics. She is also a team mentor for a San Diego area team. In June 2016, Laura visited Kell Robotics in Kennesaw Georgia.  During her visit, she conducted a workshop with team members and gave the students an introduction to careers in data science. 

The Next BIG Thing in STEM Learning & Economic Development - Public Policy & Advocacy

What is the NEXT BIG THING that will come along to make jobs, solve problems, and drive economic development for years.

The answer is fixing STEM education. The solution is at hand. Implementing this solution will take a concerted effort amoungst leaders in public policy and education, working together to implement the recommendations listed in this article.

The states that implement these recommendations will achive enormous competitive advantage relative to other states, and countries. Kell Robotics has been working with public policy makers in Georgia for 8 years in pursuit of defining and implementing these measures.





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