Kell Robotics is a FIRST Robotics Team


Kell Robotics is a group of high school students that works to change the world so that we can give students everywhere the opportunity to become engaged in pursuing a STEM career. 

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FIRST Robotics Competition - Kell Robotics Resources

To start a team a FIRST team in Georgia, or to access team and robot development resources, open this article to learn more.

Here you will find a concise list of resources to help you get started.

The Next BIG Thing in STEM Learning & Economic Development - Public Policy & Advocacy

What is the NEXT BIG THING that will come along to make jobs, solve problems, and drive economic development for years.

The answer is fixing STEM education. The solution is at hand. Implementing this solution will take a concerted effort amoungst leaders in public policy and education, working together to implement the recommendations listed in this article.

The states that implement these recommendations will achive enormous competitive advantage relative to other states, and countries. Kell Robotics has been working with public policy makers in Georgia for 8 years in pursuit of defining and implementing these measures.

Advocacy: A History

Changing public policy through advocacy is like watching climate change in progress. It is very slow, but it can melt cultural and political glaciers

You have to take the long term view, be willing to be persistent, patient, and committed.

Here is a brief history of the Kell Robotics advocacy journey.




A Big Thank You to all of the Sponsors and Program Partners of Kell Robotics

It has been another great year at Kell Robotics. We want to thank all of our sponsors and partners past and present for supporting this team. Without their generous support, the success of this team could not have been made possible.
To learn more about our sponsors and program partners, press the Read More link.

MIT Mentorship Initiative by Kell Robotics

The Kell Robotics Production Group partnered with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Alumni Association to create the “MIT Mentorship Initiative”, a series of 16 videos with the goal to recruit thousands of new mentors. Three hours of this footage is available online. Clips from one of the videos was shown during the 2011 FRC kickoff event.

Proud Partner Of The Atlanta Science Festival

Visit the Kell Robotics Innovation Center and experience the thrill of driving large robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition! Visitors will be able to operate these robots and to learn more about these machines are designed, built, and used.

STEM Guide : Competitions, Activities, & Web Sites

This is a comprehensive list of STEM websites, activities, contests and competitions and resources for K-12 students interested in STEM.   This list was originally researched and compiled by

Additional information has been added by Kell Robotics

Tellus Science Museum + Kell Robotics

November 14, 2015 was Kell Robotics day at the world class Science Museum. The team engaged over 1,100 kids in FIRST Robotics activities.  

Georgia Informal STEM Learning Support Network

Creating Economic Development and Educational Achievement by supporting Informal STEM Learning.  
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Northwest Georgia Technical College / Northwest Georgia College & Career Academy
  • Albany Technical College / Albany State University
  • Columbus Technical College / Columbus State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology





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